Preparing for 600 Footprints Activities

Paston Heritage Society and the University of East Anglia have been carrying out a number of activities as part of the preparation for the full three year project. The final bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund has been submitted and we will know in September if it has been approved.

Here are a couple of the the recent events with future partners.

The Mautby History Group put on a Saturday event at Mautby church. Margaret Paston, a native of the village, is buried somewhere alongside the church but there is no evidence of the precise location of her grave. However, it was a very appropriate location to remember her.

One of the homes of the Paston family was the castle in the north Norfolk village of Gresham. Today the remains of the castle are not generally accessible, lying as they do in the middle of a field of grain. The village primary school are taking the lead in trying to find out more about the castle; a group visited to see what can still be seen. Margaret Paston, with her man Daubney, was there to explain the 'battle' that took place to throw her out. The redoubtable Margaret refused to leave and had to be carried out in her chair!