Edward Paston, the Musician

Edward Paston was born in 1550 and lived through to 1630. He was born when Henry VIII was King of England and was godson to Henry's son, Edward VI. Edward's branch of the family were Roman Catholics, and when Henry's daughter Mary became queen, life was comfortable for such Catholics. With Mary's death and Elizabeth becoming queen, England went back to following the Protestant religion and Edward was amongst those who often had to hide their own beliefs. But Edward can tell his own story.

We're gradually adding adding some more material soon to help you explore music in Paston times. You'll find a Topic Map at the bottom of this page, and we'll be adding Information and Activity sheets which can be printed out for use with young learners.

You'll find on the page Music from Paston Times the group Hexachordia playing examples of medieval and Tudor music. For more about Hexachordia and how they can visit your school, visit the Hexachordia web site

Tudor Dancing - Info05

There were two distinct types of dancing in Tudor times, the formal dances of the upper classes and the country dancing of the general population. Examples of these styles are often shown by dance groups today. Click the button on the right.

Tudor Instruments Puzzles - Act01

Can you find the instruments listed in the Word Search? And then a cross word puzzle that will need some research with an encyclopaedia.

Music Fraction Wall - Act02

We might have difficulty in following Tudor music; do you know how notes are shown in today's music? Try and fill the gaps in our fraction wall.

Famous Tudor composers - Act03

Who writes the words and tunes for the music that you enjoy? Can you find one of the famous writers of music from Tudor times and fill in a biography sheet?

Tudor Instruments - Act04

Here are some instruments from Tudor times . You'll have to do a bit of research to find their names and answer the questions - pluck, hit, blow, turn or bow.

Tudor Maths Dancing - Act05

Lots of traditional dances follow patterns and movement around the dance floor, sometimes changing partners. See if you can mark out moves and then try them out.

A Topic Map for Music

An adventurous teaching topic map on music of the Paston era. All sorts of ideas across the curriculum using music as a theme.