John Paston & the Siege of Caister Castle

When in 1469 Caister Castle came under siege by the Duke of Norfolk and his men, John Paston III was responsible for defending the castle with about 30 men. In the family records John Paston says that the Duke brought 3,000 men. That seems a very large number and we think perhaps it is a bit exaggerated, but we can't be sure. Here John Paston tells the story from his point of view.

We're gradually adding adding some more material soon to help you explore the story of castles. Here's a downloadable topic map as a starting point Defending the Castle KS2 Topic Map.pdf - 76KbA Castles Topic Map - 76Kb for teachers.

Here you'll find some Information and Activity sheets which can be printed out for use with young learners. Castle_Info_01_whatis.pdf - 470KbWhat is a Castle? - 470Kb is an Information sheet and Castle_Activity_01_wooden.pdf - 410KbMotte and Bailey Castle - 410Kb and Castle_Activity_02_where.pdf - 440KbWhere are these Castles? - 440Kb are activity sheets for the 7-10 years age range.