Through the Door - Into a Tudor House

The context of this project is to introduce students to the lives of the Paston family and to place their accomplishments within the wider story of English history. The Tudor house used for this purpose is fictional, but is closely based on Oxnead Hall, which for several centuries was a family home of the Pastons.

We're putting together on this page a range of classroom resources, trialled in the upper years of primary education. The Teacher's Handbook provides the background details and lesson guidance; other folders contain materials you might need and information on further resources. You'll also find throughout this website materials for use - and other elements of the Paston story which you might like to develop for classroom use.

A Teacher's Handbook

PDFThe Paston Family through History4Mb
PDFThe King's Letter to John Paston67Kb
PPTXThe Door Introduction2Mb
PDFPicture of the Door532Kb
Appendix 2
PDFTudor & Household Objects393Kb
PDFPlans of Oxnead Hall18Mb
Appendix 3
PDFHistory Team Equipment List1024Kb
Appendix 4
jpgCellar Paston v.1671Kb
jpgCellar Paston v.22Mb
Appendix 5
DOCXHistory Team template letter132Kb
PDFPaston Commission Letter276Kb
Appendix 6
PDFFolder_open0 bytes
PDFPaston file #William III598Kb
PDFPortrait of William Paston218Kb
PDFPortrait of William Paston detail5Mb
Appendix 7
PDFLife in a Tudor House42Kb
PDFSir William Paston (1464-1554) Timeline58Kb
Appendix 8
jpgPaston banner image75Kb
PDFPaston banner info217Kb
Appendix 9
PDFGresham letter305Kb
PDFMargaret's letter374Kb
PDFMargaret Paston fact file3Mb
PDFMargaret's letter during the Caister siege330Kb
PDFPaston family tree2Mb
PDFPlan of Caister castle - 1897315Kb
Appendix 10
PDFThe Paston Treasure painting142Kb
PDFX-ray of the Paston Treasure painting1Mb
PDFX-ray close up28Mb
Appendix 11
PDFActivities list128Kb