Animated Pastons

Paston Footprints have been working on a number of animated stories about the Pastons and others associated with the family. These are being developed for use in schools but they're attracting a wider interest - so we're making them available in this section as well.

Sir John Fastolf

Sir John was the wealthy builder and owner of Caister castle. He was distantly related to the Pastons through his wife Millicent and his lawyer in the latter days of his life was John Paston I. After his service with Henry V in France, he retired to Southwark and then to Caister.

Sir John Fastolf

One of the Letters from John Paston III to his elder brother John Paston II in London was to ask hims for a goshawk, to be used for hunting. Our animated story pictures John Paston III as a younger man; a later letter indicates that the goshawk proved to be something of a disappointment.

The Young John Paston Longs for a Goshawk

William Paston visits Bromholm Priory

Edward Paston the Musician

William Paston 1378-1444

William Paston, sometimes referred to as 'the good judge', was the first of the family to come to prominence. Thanks to the foresight of his father and the support of his uncle, he was trained in the law and rose to be a figure of national significance.

William Paston - The Good Judge

Richard Calle was a senior steward for the Paston family and trusted to look after the houseold and matters to do with the estate. Our animated Richard makes the journey to the local market twon of North Walsham, to buy supplies for the coming week.

Richard Calle goes Shopping

The Siege of Caister Castle

Margaret Paston Remembers