A Paston Family Tree

Below is a family tree of the Paston family. We are gradually adding to it as information becomes available.

You will notice that the earliest record is that of Clement Paston in the village of Paston at the end of the 14th century. There are a couple of other family trees that go another 200 years back and establish their heritage to Norman times. However, as the Pastons were concerned through the 15th century to demonstrate that they were descended from landed gentlemen and not 'bondsmen', there is a strong possibility that they developed an ancestral story which is rather shy of the truth. We may never know the exact truth; suffice to say that when in 1466 King Edward IV ruled that they were a family with rights to lands and manors - after a great deal of lobbying - they were doubtless greatly relieved. We'll be adding information to the tree as research proceeds.

You can view three generations at a time; click on an individual to move up or down the tree. We endeavour to be consistent in using today's Georgian dating system but it may well be that Julian dates have been included at various points. We have had to make some assumptions where previous information is not known. When you focus on a person, they will move to the left of the siblings shown in the tree; in some cases, where dates of birth are unknown, we cannot be certain of orders of birth amongst siblings and thus the order on the screen.