William Paston to Lord ???, AD 1436


Paston recomaund hym to your good lordeship, willyng with all his herte to doo yow servise to his symple power. And. as touching the maner of Walsham he seyth that at your comaundement he wille be redy to shewe yow and preve that the seid maner and all the vesture and crop therof this yeer by trewe title in lawe and conscience is his owen trewly, bowth and in gret party payed for, and that John Roys never hadde non estate in the seid maner, but oonly occupied it by suffraunce of the seid. Paston and other feffes in the seid maner, and that. be bargayn of the seid maner th'estate that the seid. Roys shuld have hadde in the seid maner and in stoor therof shul have be condicionel to be voidee and nought for defaute of payement, and that the seid. John Roys ne kept not his dayes of the payementz, &c. and that the seid William Paston, in the lyve of the seid John Roys, for defaute of payment entred in the seid maner with the seid the crop and the vesture of this yeer therof than therupon, and that the seid John Roys never at noo tyme payed to the seid John Baxtere sith the seid bargeyn, nother for the seid bargeyn ne for the dette he aught to hym, more thaune an C. and xl. marcz, wherof he borwed. ageyn of the seid John Baxtere xlli. ; and over that he oweth and beforn the seid bargeyn aught by his obligacion to the seid John Baxtere, of trew dette of mony borwed, other xlli., and hath hadde and taken. the profitz of the seid maner by iij. hool yer before his deth to the value of xxxli.. and more, and that he receyved in his said bargayn of the seid John Baxtere xl. marcz worth of stoor ; the which iiijxxli.of dette and xxxli. of the profitz of the seid maner,, and xl. marcz worth of stoor, maketh the somme of Cxxxvili. xiijs. iiijd. Wherof, thogh the lawe wille it not, were abated, if conscience required it, Cxl. marcz payed by the seid John Roys and xli. for the value of the seid crop, over the value of the verray ferme of the seid maner for this yeer, yet remanyneth dwe to the executoures of the seid John Baxter liijli. vjs. viijd., and all the title and interesse of the seid John Roys his heyres and assignes in the seid maner lawfully and, in. conscience extincted and adnulled. Wher upon the said Paston lowly besecheth your good lordeship that if it may be preyed this mater be trew that ye wille not be displesed thogh he desire to have his fre disposicion of the seid maner.

On the back of this letter are the following memoranda :-

Haec billa ...... testatur quod Johannes Baxtere vendidit Johanni Roys mesuagium suum vocatum Walccham place, cum toto stauro ibidem vivo et mortuo in Bryanes, cum omnibus aliis terris et tenementis suis, liberis et nativis, cum pertinentiis, ex parte occidentali ecclesi a North Walsham, et molendinum ventriticum et mesuagium nuper Rogeri atte Hiile, cum omnibus redditibus et servitiis pertinentibus dictis mesuagio et tenemento ubicumque fuerint in comitatu Norffolk, pro iijC. marcis et l. marcis ; unde dictus Johannes Roys solvit dicto Johanni Baxtere die Jovis proximo ante festum Apostolorum Simonis et Judge anno regni regis Henrici vi. xij., C. m., et habet diem solvendi residuum, videlicet ad festum Nativitatis Domini et festum sancti Michaelis proximo futurum xl. marcas annuatim, quousque dictae CCC. marcae et l. marcae plenarie persolvantur. Datum die Jovis praedicto. Haec praedicta de manu Thome Whitewelle.'

Then after two further imperfect entries relating to the same matter :

'Memorandum, quod licet esset concordatum quod W. Roys haberet barganium, &c., quod, ut credo, non ita erit, tune in festo Nativitatis Domini anno regni regis Henrici vi. xv. debentur executoribus de eodem barganio C. marcae praeter et ultra Cxl. marcas per Johannem Roys in vita sua solutas et xlli. de antiquo per dictum Johannem Roys Johanni Baxter debitas, videlicet per obligacionem suam xxxvii. inde et ex mutua sua obligacione vii. de Perey Noble (?), ut patet per papirum dicti Baxter, et ultra xlli. per dictum Johannem Baxter post dictum barganium dicti Johanni Roys per obligacionem . ... ejusdem Johannis Roys praestitas. Memorandum eciam quod dictus Johannes Roys nee uxor ejus unquam protulerunt aliquem denarium solvendum dictis . . . dicti Johannis Baxter nee Willelmo Paston post mortem dicti Baxter. Set circa Nativitatem Domini anno regni dicti regis xiiijo et in quadragesima tune proximo sequente uxor dicti Roys apud Paston dixit quod habuit xx. marcas paratas ad solvendum. Et sic dixit Johannes Roys tempore quo Domina Skales fuit apud Paston, vidilicet ix. die Januarii dicto anno xiiijo et sic omnibus temporibus quibus dictus J. Roys et uxor ejus ut praedicitur dixerunt quod habuerunt xx. marcas paratas ad solvendum semper fuerunt arretro xlli. absque dictis xlli. novi debiti et xlli. antiqui debiti.'

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