Paston Church

In 2015 the Paston Heritage Society received a grant from the North Norfolk Coastal Partnership to enable it to take forward its 3D and video reconstruction of life in the village in earlier years. The panorama below puts some members of the Society into St Margaret's as it may have appeared in the middle of the 15th century. Wall paintings are being added, based on the elements of the paintings that survive today, all of course covered up at the time of the reformation.

Elements of the angels above the chancel arch indicate that pictures of angels were once seen there and the red edging around the arch was typical of the period. Specialist help has enabled us to picture what the nave might have looked like, with two small chapels either side of the chancel entrance.

Use your computer mouse (or your finger on a touch screen) on the picture to move it around, or you can use the controls at the bottom of the picture. Refresh your screen browser if you wish to bring it back to the original view we present here.