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This site is under development for Paston Footprints under a scheme funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Bear with us as we gradually add material; please don't regard some of the data sets as complete for the present.

The Paston story, whether the family or the village, will never fully be told on this site but we'll gradually be adding material on interest at all levels, from the youngest studying the Tudors at school to those of recent years who want to look back at the village in recent years. In particular we plan to provide significant resources for historians researching times past and some interactive tools you can use to make your own investigations.

The name Paston applies to a number of settlements in England - our web site is concerned with the village of Paston on the north Norfolk coast. Historically it is a unique place, for the family that took their name from the village provides us with the most comprehensive record of medieval day to day life that exists. The 'Paston Letters', give a glimpse into the Tudor world, the time of the 'Wars of the Roses', of country life and life at court, in a way that no other documents offer.

The site has been developed especially to support the work being undertaken with Heritage Lottery Fund support. You can see other information on what we are doing by clicking on the Paston Heritage Society website.